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DNA Testing
Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of sample is taken?
A simple swab of the inside of the cheek with a cotton applicator.

I'm a grandparent and my son isn't available to test.  Can we still prove the grandchild is ours?
Absolutely, we can establish grandparentage with a sample from one or both grandparents and child.  We can discuss
with you the probability percentage, helping you decide which way to proceed.

How old does my baby have to be?
We can collect samples from any age child.

Do I have to go to a clinic?
No, our trained collectors can come right to you so you can remain in the privacy of your own home.  You can also elect to
meet them somewhere convenient for you.  We have access to highly skilled collectors all over the United States.

Do I have to see the father when we do this?
You are not required to have your sample taken at the same time as the others involved.  The appointments can be at
different places and times.

What is the difference between your test and a cheap test I can do myself?
Our collection and testing procedure is done in a way that guarantees accurate results that will be accepted in legal
proceedings.  We will back our results in court if need be.

When will I get the results?
The samples are sent out express and arrive in the lab the very next day.  The lab needs 2 business days.  We will
typically receive the results that same afternoon unless there are circumstances such as genetic mutations or
something causing more extensive testing to be conducted.  
Beginning with our initial meeting through the final test results and personal consultation, we make the process of DNA identity testing as easy for you as
possible.  The difference is in the way we test and in the way we care.

Our highly trained, caring professionals take the time and the care to listen to you, always in complete confidence.  Your situation is extremely personal
and our staff give you the special, personal attention you need and deserve.
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