The D.O.T. Program provided
by Med Compliance has been
reviewed by an actual
Department of Transportation
Auditor and found to "meet
and exceed" the requirements
set forth by the Federal Motor
Carrier Safety Administration.

"I have worked closely with this
auditor in the past and he has
actually recommended my
program to clients he has
found to be in need of a DOT
Random Drug Program.  I
think that in itself, speaks
highly of the program."

Sheila Cook, President

Med Compliance
D.O.T. Random Drug & Alcohol Program
Consortium for Random Selections - Your drivers will be added to the consortium o drivers
and eligible for random selections each quarter.  Or you may choose to be in your own pool and
selected monthly.  It's your call.  We will do what it takes to keep you in compliance and guide
you along the way.
24/7 Post-Accident Coverage - The phone is answered 24/7 so we will be there when you
need us.
Drug & Alcohol Policy - We have a sample policy that you may use that includes all the
requirements put in place by the Rules & Regulations.
On-site or Clinic Specimen Collection - You decide what works best for your company.
Required Forms - We will provide the necessary forms, including Request for Info from
Previous Employer and Policy Receipt.
Supervisory Training
Regulation Updates - Your manual will be updated as any changes occur in the regulations.
Record Keeping - We will keep secure copies of your records on file in our office.
Audit Support - We can help you with a pre-audit checklist and be available during your audit
to fax any information we have on file that you are missing.
ECONOMICAL - You can be in a COMPLETE program for a fraction of the cost of some
providers.  Call us now for more information.

for complete D.O.T.
Random Program

(You will receive a price
quote and verification
before charges are
processed or invoiced.)

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