Our experts stay current on
changing drug testing laws
and legislation so you don't
have to.  We'll identify
changes in the rules,
regulations and laws that can
have an effect on your
business and help you put
these changes in place
throughout the year.

Med Compliance Corp
Med Compliance provides
service in the following areas:
DNA Testing
Individual Testing
D.O.T. Program
Hair Testing
School Bus Driver
Student Testing
Pre-Employment Testing
On-Site Drug & Alcohol
Drug-Free Workplace
Policy Development
Random Selection
Probation Requirements
Program Management
IL Public Works Project
and MORE...
for Employee Random
Drug & Alcohol Program.
You will receive pricing info and
can decide whether to continue
Many Insurers provide
a voluntary discount on
workers compensation
insurance for
companies that
implement a drug free
workplace program.
Oil Rigs in the middle of
nowhere are not exempt from our
On-Site Collectors.  Our flexible
schedule allowed all 3 shifts of
this rig to be covered.
Our ON-SITE collectors stand
ready at a moments notice.  
Amanda was ferried by tug to this
waiting barge for post-accident
testing on a weekend.
Our on-site collector waited until this crop
duster was loaded and back in the air before
collecting from the busy tender truck driver.
We make it easy for you.
We will do your required
reporting and help develop
a Drug Testing Policy for
your company, if needed.
We make the process
easy and understandable.  
This local Power Plant calls on
us during their "outage" for
massive hirings during all shifts.
Our on-site collectors are familiar
with the high demands and
schedules of FRA Clients..